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Magma - Ear Rank Markings - Which are Permitted?

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For the MagmaTrooper, Which Ear Rank Markings are permitted?


Seen some paint the 4th ear bump which is for the PFC (Private First Class)

Seen others paint the 3rd ear bump which is for the CPL (Corporal)


Which are permitted to use on the Magma and or for the Specialist?


Additional thought on this: Magmas often wear Black Pauldrons. The Black colored indicated Enlisted Troopers so Obv the Officer Marking are Out.

So only from the Enlisted Side we focus.



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Those are some good questions. As far as checking with the CRL and Specialist there really is not anything specific about that. What I would suggest paint it as a private and then maybe later on pick whichever you want afterwards. But I think that is something we probably should maybe establish a baseline for what is good for magmatroopers so thank you for bringing this up. Let us know if you have more questions.

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