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Tips for Gluing

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Hello everyone, I'm just guna post a few tips on gluing that I came across while getting my armor done.


1st-Take your time while taping around the area your going to glue!!! I like electric tape better than painters tape although the black electric tape is a bit harder to see. Tape both parts about an inch and a half down the armor.


2nd-When sanding, use a fine grain. Using a courser grain will just put scratches in your armor when really you want to take the *shine* off of it.


3rd-When using E6000, make sure you get enough glue on both edges. If you don't you will have a weak bond. Remember that the more glue you put on the longer it is going to take.


4th-When using plastic welder, take your time, but be quick. You only have 5 minutes until the glue sets. Have both pieces ready to glue right in front of you.


5th-When using plastic welder, BE CAREFUL! If you didn't do 1 or 2 in this list well, your going to mess this up.


6th-When using plastic welder, when (not if) you mess up dab it off do not try to rub it off! You will just smear the glue everywhere and it will be nearly impossible to get off. If you dab it off you have a greater chance of keeping it centralized and not ruining your armor!


7th-When using plastic welder, when you do mess up, have WD40 close by. It is a miracle liquid. I did #6 and tried to rub it off and thought I ruined my calf armor. I used WD40 and 10 minutes after it was set I got it off. The quicker the better.


8th-In taking the tape off, you want to do it before the glue sets. If you accidentally taped too close to the glue you can take a razor blade and cut it out at an angle.


9th-Check your entire part for left over glue before it sets!!!


10th-In removing glue:

A. E6000 you can use WD40 to weaken the bond and then pull the parts apart. You can then take a dry rag and rub it all off.

B. Concerning Plastic Welder, Don't mess up too bad where you can't use WD40 method (and this is in minor cases) because plastic welder, well, welds the plastic together and if you let it set you might as well get another part.


Some tools that make life easier:


-WD40 (it is a wonder at getting anything of anything, whenever in doubt [with anything not just armor] WD40 it and see what happens)


-Paint Knife (it applies and mixes Plastic Weld very well)


-Dry rag (for messy cleanups, however if you use a rag make sure you don't use it again and get glue everywhere!)


-Watch with Chrono (a good timer, I suggest a cheep $10 digital with a timer)


-Small Space heater (helps the glue dry a bit faster)


-Small desk lamp (easier to see stuff when you have a dedicated light source, I have a floor lamp with 3 lamps that I can put at different angles)


-Apron (you don't want your cloths to get glued to anything)


Final words:


Prepare, prepare, prepare. Relax, relax, relax. The biggest mistakes people make is not having everything ready and then being scared/stressed enough to mess up or to even start gluing.


I welcome comments with other tips and I will check periodically and post the tips back on here. :thumbsup:


I hope this helps with some questions anymore, just ask.

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Good Info - I predominantly used E6000 and what I found that creates a great bond is sand both surfaces you are going to bond well, wet and dry wipe to clean the surfaces - apply e6000 to BOTH sides (as you said), let sit for 30 seconds and then put the pieces together. The instructions say it's good to go after 5 minutes ... I always leave the joint under pressure (with clamps) for 24 hours. A bit overly cautious but so far I have had no issues with glue / bonds coming apart.


I also found it a great help to 'mock up' what you want to do first ... Make sure the fit is perfect, that I've got the proper sized clamps lined up for pressure, and I used tongue depressors glued together to make a 'spreader' of sorts so when I apply a clamp (especially for the thighs) the pressure is applied across a larger area to get a stronger and more even bond.


Good Info - Thanks!

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