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Black Series Helmet

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I haven't seen one of these in person and really need a side by side comparison. I first thing I see if the tube stripes nee d to be black. It looks like it has an acceptable number of teeth, but I can't be sure if the corners are cutout or not. Should be 6-8. Are those even cutout? If not, they will need to be.

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I have actually tried one on. I think its fun for display but since there is so many helmets that are affordable and approvable i would not bother with this and get a helmet from a vendor that is approvable with no guess work.

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Not to be a jerk but Sell it if you could. It wont make approval without a lot of work. youll have to fill in all of those Tub stripes with bondo and sand smooth as well as the tears and traps.

Cut out the sections between the teeth and then add screen from under. then add the 3 screws to the ears. THough that doesnt sound like a lot of work. up to you.


Specialist would definitely be out of reach in my opinion.

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You have a lot of choices.




like i was saying above about the helmet even though you purchased it, wanted to roll with it and even though it may seem like a good idea to "cut corners" if will lead to spending more money and most likely not being approved.

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