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Hey all, I have now started working on my build. I am currently assembling my weapons and I was wondering if anyone would have a suggestion to what kind of paint to use. My first thought was something I can hand paint with to get the nice carbon look on the barrel of the rifle as well as the scratches and some of the detail. And after that use some kind of seal to cover it all so that it doesn't come off. But I am open to any other ideas that may work better and more efficient.



Thank you all!!


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What I've done is worked in layers using spray cans. Hand painting can leave brush strokes and it would take longer compared to spray cans. Sand the surface smooth and clean the blaster well, then lay down some primer. Next move onto an aluminum/metallic color to give that metal look. Then cover that with a layer of black (or gunmetal, charcoal, or similar dark grey). Before you seal this up, hit the edges and other random spots with some sandpaper to scuff up the black and reveal some of that aluminum paint (be careful not to scuff too hard and expose the primer). Last is to use a layer of clear coat (make sure it's a matte or flat finish). Follow the instructions on the cans to see what the wait time is between layers.


For the carbon scoring colors near the end of the barrel. There are different ways to achieve this, either with small sprays of the various colors or (believe it or not) using a small make-up kit. This would also take place before applying the clear coat.


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Mike's comment is how most of us have painted our blasters. One thing to keep in mind is that when using multiple layers of paint, make sure you allow each layer plenty of time to cure. Especially if using different brands. I stuck with Rustoleum so the paints would be more compatible. If not then you run the chance of top layers bubbling or orange peeling. Good luck.

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