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EVO Trooper Part Files, Supply List and Templates


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Hey everyone!


So I decided recently that I'm not going to be making any kits for the EVO Trooper, including more helmets (the mold is messed up anyway). However I have 3D modeled all the EVO specific parts so they can be 3D printed. I have them up on Thingivere (links below). So here is everything that is ready to be 3D printed.



Shoulder Bell

Hand Plates

Finger/Thumb Plates

Chest Box

Chest Box Tube

Knee Plates

Circular Greeblies for the Belt/Ab/Tubes

FA-3 Flechette Launcher



Helmet - https://www.thingive...m/thing:2587882

Parts - https://www.thingive...m/thing:2587868

Shoulder - https://www.thingive...m/thing:2587879

FA-3 Flechette - https://www.thingive...m/thing:2587857


There is still quite a few things that will need to be bought. I'm putting the list together tomorrow of all the pipe, dowel and other accessories you'll need to build and EVO Trooper (or Shadow EVO :)). Also I haven't printed anything out yet so no guarantees if it'll work (it should be fine, but might need some tweaking).


Oh and here are some quick photos. ;)








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And here's a list of general supplies you'll need to get to finish off your build. :)


EVO Armor Supply List:


-1†PVC Pipe – 5 x 4.25†long sections (for shin and forearm)

-Edge trim – Enough to wrap around chest plate, back plate, cod plate (but not ab plate) and two knee plates


-Hose – Same as Tie Fighter Pilot, check JRS forums for vendors, need 4 lengths (one for pack, one goes to ab plate, two go to the helmet)

-Vinyl to make pouches and boot flaps


FA-3 Flechette List:


-1/8†x 5/8†x 14.75†steel bar (top bar leading to shroud)

-1/2†dowel (internal support)

-1/4†dowel (internal support)

-1-1/2†PVC Pipe – 3 x 21.5†sections (barrels)

-3/16†x 1.75†Pin – 2 needed

-1/8†x 13.75†Pin – 2 needed

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Ok new question bro since long time no talk. Lol. Would you also happen to have a template idea to make the jump trooper?





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Yep, I'm actually working on the Jumptrooper as my next project (need to revive my build thread!). I have redone several of the parts (as in almost all of them), remodeled the jetpack and plan on working on a new 3D model for the blaster soonish.


Once I had everything finished and the Jumptrooper was approved, I was going to post all my files. BUT I can post what I have right now, if you want to get started working on a Jumptrooper too. :)


I've got most of the parts 3D printed right now. The helmet is about half 3D printed, and then I need to start printing the jetpack. I've got plans to order a bunch of filament for my 3D printer soon and get busy printing. :thumbsup:




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If we don't do this, I will be severely disappointed! Let's do it! We have, what, a year or two to get this done? :)



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