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New build in the works Jimmi Kit

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Hello All,


Well I am getting ready to start my DT build. I will update this as I make progress. I am also using this to keep my thoughts straight on what I need. I should be getting the kit in a week or two so I am trying to get everything else together as well.


I am swiping Mark's build sheet as a template to make sure I am not missing anything. I still have some to order, but that is for next payday :)


Base Requirements:

Helmet: Jimmi :Received

Undersuit: Jimmi :Received

Armour: Jimmi :Received

Boots: Imperial Boots :Ordered

Gloves: Imperial Boots :Ordered

Belt: Trooper Bay :Received

Belt Buckle: Phoenix Props : shipped

Ammo Pouches: Jimmi :Received


Leather Pouch: Kerry Rowntree :Received

Leather holster : Kerry Rowntree :Received



DLT-19X : Printed Tom's Files

E-11D : Printed Tom's Files

SE-14r : Printed Tom's Files

Generic.22 Scope : Received

Grenades: Printed Tom's Files

HK Ammo boxes: Printed Tom's Files

Torch for the E-11D





Specialist level requirements:

MP40 Ammo Pouch:

Pauldron: Jimmi :Received

Chest Rig: Jimmi :Received

32mm belt material : Received


Other kit:

Helmet Fans:


Buckles: for chest rig :

Ejection Seat buckles:

Aluminium Wrist Rockets: Received

Aluminium V-ring buckles:

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