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Plastic Arms Dealer Gel Coated Fiberglass DT Kit

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I don't know whats allowed here or not, but after trooping in my 3D printed DT for a while, I hated walking around like a fragile plastic doll. So last month I started working on creating new gel coated fiberglass armor that is cast from Tom Campbells files which I licensed from him. Plain and simple I am creating a DT armor that is meant to be trooped in.


My shop "The Plastic Arms Dealer" has been making parts and weapons for over a year now for the Death Troopers while I have been in and out of the hospital with my son who is fighting cancer. I had to quit my job to take care of him, so this was a way to work late at night and help out a lot of people doing something I am really good at...making stuff. My son is now out of the hospital and doing really well so I am able to work full time in my shop again. That said, I will now be making full Death Trooper kits but with a big difference.


Plain and simple building a Death Trooper is a big build and expensive. So if your making that investment in time and money you don't want something that is fragile to troop in. Furthermore most 3D printed kits require a LOT of sanding to finish them. The Plastic Arms Dealer kit is made from fiberglass and is cast with a deep black gel coat which provides a hard finish that won't scratch easily and armor which is lightweight yet very strong. Each piece is lined with 2 3/4oz layers of fiberglass for durability. The but plate is lined with 3 layers and a double coat of gel coat so you can actually sit down in it. Yes I said you can sit down. The initial kit will be more expensive than a 3d printed or plastic one, but will require a lot less time to finish. Number one, it won't require painting and will last longer. Lightly sanding with 800 grit and polishing is all thats needed. If you really want gloss, you only need to clear coat. In the end it will be more economical especially if you value your time.


If something like this appeals to you them PM me. You can also look up The Plastic Arms Dealer on Facebook.


Both of the photos below are of parts without paint or clear coat, only the black gel coat. This is how fiberglass car parts are made. Same process.






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Haven't been around for quite some time but when I heard that you were doing this Andy I had to take a look, and we'll I blown away :)

Awesome job mate.

Can I ask, are you using Tom's original sizing or have you resized it?


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What size is your helmet? I think my hat size is 7 5/8 (that what my USAF uniform hat says), so I am wondering if your helmet would fit. It doesn't look like you include the neuro scanner, do you offer it as an add on to your kit? Lastly, since the helmet is resin, should I be worried about leaving it in my car or having it sit in the sun for an extended period of time?

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