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Hi just started my build can you answer a couple of questions:-


1. Inside of mic body, is it silver with black on outside and silver mic wire?

2. Width of forearm and bicep finishing strips.

3. Colours for frown, tears etc on helmet



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Hi Phil; welcome. The mic tips should be all black. The cover strips are what looks best, within reason. Look at some completed armor pics as a basis for comparison. The reason I don't give you one number is I have seen them very from 13mm to 26mm. A 5 foot, 98lb trooper won't want the same size as someone 6'5'' and 250lb. For bucket color combos, please check the crl. They are all outlined there for what is acceptable.



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If you are talking about the tube stripes on the helmet, those have to be black.


For rivets you can match the TK layout - they are one I nthe same in that regard. Here are the requirements for the DLecidesto requirements listed here on our forums:


Three rivets shall be present on the left side of the kidney plate, the heads should be rounded or domed, solid, approximately 5/16"(8mm) diameter and equally spaced out along the depth of the armor and about 10mm from the edge. They must be painted black. Paperclip brads are not considered to have a domed head. Note: For the original TK armor the type of rivets used were bifurcated rivets or split rivets



For picture references, you can look at the secialist applications in the shadow stormtrooper specialist section here on the forums.

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Lots of questions here guys, advice most welcome


Hand guards



mesh which one?



my straps



Shoulder Bells




MP40 ammo leather pouches





Question, should the base of these mics be white or can they be black...hope this makes sense to someone?




Knee pack



Main Belt


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Thermal detonator, right needs more coats of black paint, it is roughly 190mm from end of cap to end of cap. But my questions are, are the width of the caps too wide, if so what do you suggest? Question 2, silver clips with black rounded slotted screws ok - same as stormy?



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