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New Death Trooper build (Australia)

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Hi all,


I'm working on my first build in hopes of joining the Southern Cross Garrison. I've got a start on my build and I'm now waiting patiently for things to be delivered.


Base Requirements:

Helmet : Jimmi : Ordered

Undersuit : Imperial Boots : Ordered

Armour: Jimmi : Ordered

Boots : Imperial Boots : Ordered

Gloves : Imperial Boots : Ordered

Belt : Imperial Boots : Ordered

Belt Buckle :

Ammo Pouches : Jimmi : Ordered

Balaclava : Imperial Boots : Ordered

Leather Pouch : Kerry Rowntree :

Leather holster : Kerry Rowntree :



DLT-19X :

E-11D : Jacob : Ordered

SE-14r : Jacob : Ordered

Generic .22 Scope :

Grenades :

HK Ammo boxes :

Torch for the E-11D : http://s.aliexpress.com/6jYFzmuY : Ordered

Swivel : https://goo.gl/vP8gU4 : Ordered

Weaver mount : https://goo.gl/wsGQyQ : Ordered


Specialist level requirements:

MP40 Ammo Pouch :

Pauldron : Jimmi :

Chest Rig : Jimmi :

32mm belt material


Other kit:

Helmet Fans:


Buckles: for chest rig :

Ejection Seat buckles:

Aluminium Wrist Rockets:

Aluminium V-ring buckles:


Has anyone ordered the Killer Set from Imperial Boots? It now includes the belt buckle but I don't know if that includes the buckle or not.

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So a few updates since last. I've done a bit of work on the blasters but I'm waiting on some smooth on xtc-3d so I can coat the blasters and smooth out the glue lines. Then I'll sand and repaint both of them ready to detail.




My armour from Jim Tripon turned up today as well. Where on Earth do I start now? Sanding?







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Question on preparation prior to spray painting. Do I sand the pieces completely smooth first? As in start sanding with a low grit paper then work to 2000 grit before painting? Or do I sand with low grit, prime it, sand, paint, sand, etc? Complete noob when it comes to this.

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I have Jim's kit. I did all my trimming etc., before I sanded anything. I sanded in this order: 80, 120, 200. Tack clothed, then primed with three light coats of rustoleum spray filler. Wet Sanded 400, 600, 800. Tack clothed and wiped down with isopropyl alcohol. Painted with three light coats of rustoleum 2X Pro gloss black. Then wet sanded with 800, 1000, 1500. I then used Mequiar's Ultimate Compound to buff shine the paint, followed with their ultimate polish to add a little extra shine. If you plan on any weathering, do it before you polish.


Note: If there are any deep imperfections, fill with Bondo before your first sanding.

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