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[MahXPrime] Del Meeko BUILD

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Hello there !


Thought it would be a nice idea to share my Del Meeko build here also :)


So, here is my first "almost complete" render of Del Meeko !










(balaclava is optional but still useful as you can see ! Especially when the helmet is not well positioned just like in this last pic)


- compad incoming

- inferno gloves incoming

- inferno boots incoming

- got to make the scout belt (scout thermal detonator incoming)

- don't need these code cylinder, need to attache my MP40 pouche to the shoulder rather than to the vest

- Received M4 and Mp40 mags so next pictures they will be in place ;)

- Need to order DLT-19X

- Lack of details / wrong details on the helmet may lead to buy another more accurate helmet later..


Thanks in advance for your attention ! :)

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Hi Maxime - looks very promising what you did so far and with the addons you´re waiting for, the approval for this build seems to be very near.


I also decided to do the Del build, but I have to wait some more time for the first parts. If you don´t mind I would like to ask you as an experienced Del builder some questions:


- how do you attach the MP40 pouch to the shoulder

- you wrote that you designed and printed the shadow scout belt boxes - do you plan to make the files available for the community or can we purchase them?


Thank you very much - BR

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Thanks to both of you for your interest :D


To reply to you Norphos :


- I didn't find yet how I'll attache the MP40 pouche to the shoulder, for now, I attached it on the left webbing of the Ammo Vest with a zip tie. I don't know yet If I'll go for velcro or something else. Anyway I need something good enough to hold the pouche + 3 MP40 airsoft mags weight xD


- The files are 100% free and are not from me ;) (wish I could be a better 3D designer ^^ ! ) You can DL them here : https://www.thingive...:1300298/#files (just scroll the whole list to the end, the boxes are there ! )


BUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Careful. You ABSOLUTELY NEED TO HOLLOW THESE ! As I said printing them hollowed with a 2mm thickness is WAY enough. (You don't want to pay the price for solid boxes xD.. 3D printing material costs a lot and hollowing makes you save A LOT of MONEY)


You can hollow the models in the free software MESHMIXER. It will also allow you to add the 2 escape holes needed for the 3d print. (minimum 1.5 mm escape holes !! Or Shapeways gonna refuse to print them)


I could provide my own files but I find it more interesting for everyone to learn something new and to follow the path I followed ;)



Thanks again for your attention ! =)

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Hi Maxime,


thanks for the reply!


"wish I could be a better 3D designer ^^ !" - same here ;)

Was already searching for files for the boxes but couldn´t find any and now I see that there´s a complete armor available - I think, sometimes I´m really blind somehow... many thanks!

I will print the boxes on my 3D printer at home when it´s working again - had a major breakdown this week and now I have the chance to rethink some parts and to modify them which will take some time ´til done. - but I´m optimistic.


I will definitely follow your build and I´m very curious how you will solve the problem with the ammo pouches - yes, it has to be good enough to hold them in place and being comfortable.



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Hi !


You're welcome for the files Norphos and good luck with everything ;) You're right to stay optimistic ! Thanks again for the interest :P



Today I wanted to show some progress on the belt boxes, I'm currently painting them. The first coats (after plastic primer) are silver before covering it with the gloss black. Doing my best to make a smooth silver render so the weathering (scratches etc) can only get better then.


(Looking at this, it kinda almost hurts to cover it with black later haha)




When I'll have some time, maybe after 501st approval, I'll do the exact same procedure with the armor (black only atm as I was missing the GOOD silver paint) AND the thigh box, that I can paint at the same time I'm painting belt boxes (my thigh box was thermoformed with black ABS so I didn't have to paint it until I decided I'll have to).


I like pretty much the idea of "metallic" scratches on these hard parts so it's a definitely needed upgrade.


I'll obviously do the same with the incomming thermal detonator !



See you for the next update ! ;)

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So let's sum-up things here also :


- compad incoming

- inferno gloves incoming

- inferno boots incoming

- Scout TD incoming

- special 5 boxes belt is being made, hope it will soon be incoming

- Almost found how to attache the MP-40 ammo pouch to the left shoulder

- Leather strips incoming

- Currently painting my thigh box + TK drop boxes that will be used to fill the M4 slots on the ammo vest

- Nylon "cases" ordered and incoming to fill the M4 slots on the ammo vest also (will be behind the TK drop box)

- Need to order DLT-19X

- Lack of details / wrong details on the helmet that I'm fixing : new hose connectors, will replace the inferno emblem decal by a new one that will be pointing to good direction etc..

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Hi Maxime your build looks great. I'm a new member and am still getting a handle on where best to source a lot of materials. Would you mind if I asked where you got your flight suit? Did you have to modify it much its looks perfect.



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As discussed with Dorothy, I'm awaiting (lengthily and endlessly) for my last elements to arrive home. I should be done arround the beginning of December. Still waiting for a prop maker to finalize and send me his ACCURATE version of the thermal detonator + one piece 5belt boxes belt.


Now if I can start posting pics of what I already have and that is definitely ok, I can do that yes. Will start tomorrow, or.. in a couple of hours now I guess (it's 3:05 am in France currently, unfortunately got to sleep a little)


PS : I should receive some stuff next week so I should be able to update quickly. (normally ?)


PSS : Concerning the DLT-19x, I can tell you it should arrive around the 11th of December. (but well, as it's a real MG-34 copy, entirely functional [no laser or bullet shooting unfortunately], with a real scope I guess it's worth waiting)


PSSS : No idea when I'll receive the ----------------------> DEL MEEKO ACCURATE <----------------------------- TD + 5boxes belt. But again, worth waiting I guess ;) (only if early won't outclass quality)

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Here is what I've done today (among other stuff), managed to craft the "pouches" to fill the M4 slots of the Ammo Vest. Just over these, I used TK drop boxes that I resized a bit (so it's as accurate as possible) and painted glossy black. Satisfied by the result :)





Tomorrow I will try to craft/sew the little pouche that is held on the right of the vest. I could keep the AR-15 pouche but I don't like it to keep it while I know this is not what is actually used xD


As I said I'm also working on modding my helmet to make it more accurate.


.. Step by step ..


See you for the next update !

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  • 2 weeks later...

Update :


- Received compad / boots / gloves and fixed my helmet details

- Crafted/ Sewn the right Ammo Vest pouche


- Accurate TD + scout belt *in production*

- DLT-19X in production, will be sent friday, will have it next week (Belgium is not too far away from France ;) )

- New scout pouches incoming

- Ammo Vest special buckles and other accurate stuff incoming


- Currently repainting my armor, should be done soon


- Sent my first pics to Darth Emphatic (new mail in your inbox Darth ! :D)


Looks like we're close ?

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  • 3 weeks later...

Looking awesome Maxime.


Just a query though what source did you use for the flyye law enf tactical chest rig every single source i can find has been sold out for ages with no idea when or if they are getting a restock.


Thanks and once again great build.

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Looking awesome Maxime.


Just a query though what source did you use for the flyye law enf tactical chest rig every single source i can find has been sold out for ages with no idea when or if they are getting a restock.


Thanks and once again great build.


Thank you very much :D Oh well yea I had it on Amazon but I just checked it and it's indeed out of stock .. x_x So I really don't know if they will put it back somedays or not.. I'm sorry :(


Great Job Maxime !

Where you got the flightsuite from ?

Gretes from Germany.


Thank you :D !

Had it from Jim Tripon on Facebook ;)




Update : Announcing I'm almost done. The two last elements I'm currently finishing are : DLT scope paint (unlike the DLT itself the scope needed extra details to be hand-sculpted so it took time) + 5 boxes belt paint (had to shorten it so, cut symmetrically at different spots and then glued back every parts together..sanded A LOT.. so yea took MUCHHHH time also..)


Also, I decided to leave the tactical vest webbing as it is for now. Will replace with a leather webbing a bit later. I find all the rest accurate enough to allow myself that extra-time :)


Precising I'm going with a no-Chest-Box version. I guess it suits Spec-Ops the most :) (right ? ;D)


See you hopefully with a nice-looking Photo-Finish :D

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