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Instvogels Shadow Scout Build... or Happy wife, Happy life! :)


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Hi guys,

this week we recieved all the necessary hard parts for the shadow scout armor and cummerbund.


Helmet: Lone Wolf (Semi Finished Kit)

Armor: Chef's Creations.

Cummerbund: Chef might upgrade later to Antje (Furiosa)

Gloves: Wampa Wear


Jumpsuit TBA

Boots TBA


Still looking for a decent jumpsuit.



Attached there are a few pics.





The Helmet:

38580356091_75b75708f1_b.jpgHelmet in Pieces


Working on the Holster:



Glueing 1 side fix and adding velcro to the other



Chest Piece:

37863345364_1862d05e7d_k.jpgChest Piece


As always, tipps, tricks, hints are very welcome.

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Oh, the days of sanding and trimming :)


Suggestions from my personal experience:


Strapping should be done last since you don't know exactly how the flightsuit will fit and what you may need to adjust once its all together. You can also make sure you have enough to adjust should you notice you need adjustments in ares once the flightsuit is completed.


Strap according to the level you are aiming for. I made the mistake of strapping differently and now I will be redoing them to meet Specialist requirements.


I had Chrisx909x get me set up with the suit and all my soft parts including the boots. He does great work and I highly recommend him. Here's a link to his thread:



Hope some of this helps. Learn from my errors :) And keep us posted on progress.

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This week we got some more or less progress.


First of the Pain in the.... I mean the Helmet



I did try to fit the visor as closely as i could.










After that we started a whole lot of dremeling parts big and small. Also we made the T-Strips for the Chest and shoulder pieces.





Also I mounted the Hump on the backplate. But It looks a bit like i have to do this again, since on this pic it looks a bit tilted.



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Next up i worked on the helmet visor. After lots of measuring, dremeling and again and again.


I finally made it look a bit like a scout helmet.




The visor is still farm from perfect but its getting a lot better.






And just tipp from my expericence, not every 2part Glues activator is interchangeable with a different brand. Had to reglue one time cause of this. Stupid beginners move.

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