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Flame trooper gloves

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I'm a new member to the forum. I am personally building a TFO Special Forces Tie Pilot armor set but am looking to get my younger brother into this hobby as well!


He being a little heavier set then I and his personal favorite being the flametrooper I think with some lifts in the boots this will be the perfect build for him!!!


I've recently purchased a ton of parts for myself so my funds to help him are limited so I'd like to start small.


Is there a "go-to", hands down, best place to buy these from?



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You can get first order storm trooper gloves from Endor finders or imperial boots.


John fuqua's gloves (endorfinders.com) are always top notch, super comfortable, and high quality. They are also reasonably priced.


On the flip side, Imperial boots' come with the fuzzy patch for Velcro already sewn on the back of them for the hand plates. I'm not sure of their quality or price. They are a popular and reputable vendor, but I'm not a fan.


Btw, how tall is your brother?



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He is 5'8.


So I take it TFO TK gloves are the same as the flametrooper? I see some of the TKs have a raised "port" on the plates. So I'll just be searching for the flat handplates.


EDIT: Thank you so much!!!

I swung over to endorfinders and bought their VERY LAST pair of v1 gloves!

Only $28.50 shipped. Perfect Xmas present to get him started on this long journey lol


The v2 have a slightly different palm stitch and the Velcro is already stiched in.

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Yes. The FOTK gloves and flametrooper are the same.


At 5'8â€, he shouldn't have any problems fitting into armor without putting lifts in boots. Too many people get wrapped around being taller. Lifts impact your stability and movement in your feet, which can take away from the fun of trooping.


I'm 5'9â€, and had no problem making my armor fit proportionally.


There is a slightly raised part of the hand plates.



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So I got the gloves. They are such awesome quality!


We have decided the only way he is going to be able to complete this build is buy piecing it together 1 item at a time.


I'm looking for first order hand plates? Where could I purchase them separate fr9m the armor?

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John Fuqua's (endorfinders) gloves are phenomenal.


KB Props makes the flametrooper armor. You may be able to purchase a piece at a time, as they do sell pieces for replacement parts. Typically, it will cost more than it would to buy the whole kit. If you have Facebook, find their page (KB Props), and send them a message.


If you haven't already, join the FO FT Builders page on Facebook. There are several people building flametrooper now. Statistically, at least one will end up giving up on the project, and sell of what they already have, probably a little cheaper than what the original sale price was.


And of course, start a build thread here. There is a wealth of info available in the flametrooper threads on this detachment.



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