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Moff's Flametrooper Build

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Howdy folks!


Figured it was time for a build log as I'm starting to research and order pieces for my TFA FOFT.


Currently, this is the plan for the kit. Nothing is ordered yet, but I believe family is grabbing the gloves for me for Life Day.

  • Helmet - 850 Armor Works
  • Armor + Belt - KB Props
  • Gloves - Endorfinders
  • Boots - TK Boots
  • Neckseal - Self Made
  • Gaskets - Self Made
  • Belt Pouch - Self Made
  • Undersuit - Underarmor
  • Thigh Detail - Self Made
  • Fuel Pack - Self Made
  • Incenerator - 850 Armor Works

Are there other good sources for the hard parts, helmet, or fuel pack/thrower? I've really only been able to nail down one source for each.

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Looks like a good list there. SkygunBros also makes the helmet. I believe theirs is fiberglass. It's what I got, and I love it.


MLC is a good source for the tank pack should you change your mind on making it. So far, I think it's about 50/50 between folks that built their own pack, and folks that used MLC's pack.



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I saw a few had MLC tanks, but I'm waiting on a message back on pricing before deciding. How much was your tank build, if you don't mind the question?


Good question. I lost track after awhile. It very likely cost me more to build it myself than it would have cost to buy the MLC pack. I built it with zero experience or skill with prop making. So what it cost me may or may not be a good gauge on what it would cost, on average, to make it yourself. This is because of making mistakes and having to buy stuff; not shopping around for better prices (I bought A LOT of abs in different sizes from amazon); and things like that. In retrospect, the plastic bollard covers that I made the tanks out of may not have been the best purchase.


I bought so much paint that I probably should purchase stock in Krylon. Typically, it probably shouldn't take as much paint as I used, but again, lack of skill and experience causes expenses to go up.



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Well it's been a minute but here is an update!

I was able to get my helmet, plates, and blaster from someone that was unable to keep working on the kit and now I'm hoping to get back to work on it. I still gotta figure out how to get the dang tank built.

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