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DT Helmet Guidance

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Hello all


Joined the forum yesterday as I am looking for advice from the may gifted armour builders on here


In April 2017 I was lucky enough to attend Celebration in Orlando ( while on a family Disney holiday ), and was blown away by the quality of the costuming I encountered – this positive experience led me to attend more conventions when I came back to the UK and again I've seen some beautiful work at each of these events


My main reason for attending conventions is to collect autographs – I picked up a Hasbro Black Series Stormtrooper helmet and have been gathering OT signatures on it ( Anthony Daniels, Warwick Davis, Peter Mayhew, Dave Prowse, Jeremy Bulloch, Billy Dee Williams and others ) … but at each of the events I've been seeing guests like Ian McElhinney, Mads Mikkelsen and others from Rogue One


That's what leads me here


I would love a Death Trooper helmet to get signed in silver paint pen from these actors – but I need some guidance on sourcing the helmet


I've seen the Hasbro voice changer mask and I've seen the Anovos helmet …. I need something in the middle


I can't justify spending hundreds on a helmet to then get it signed


Is there something that sits around the $100 mark that is finished but maybe not 100% screen accurate – something like the Hasbro Black Series that I could use as a base for signatures ?


Thanks for your guidance, looking forward to spending more time here


Mal Skelton






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Most helmets come in kit form and require finishing. There are makers that sell completed kits; like Denis of The Armory Shop, but his cost it way over the $100 mark you are looking at. You might be able to find a Nissan Rogue DT helmet on E-bay, but they will be pricy as well. You could ask the makers if they have a B grade or jacked up cast that they could sell you but you still probably have to finish it.


There is another option and I will probably be beat about the head and shoulders for saying this, but if all you want is a helmet close enough but no where near a quality piece just for autographs you could buy a made in China knockoff off Etsy or Ebay. I do not endorse these sellers or their products any only offer it as a cheap non accurate option.

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