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Chrysamere's DT Built

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Hey everyone. I've been in the legion for over the year now as a level 3 Kylo Ren. I've finally reached the tipping point where i'm not able to attend as many troops as I want due to other Kylo Ren's signing up, so it's time for another costume. So naturally i'm going to go with the second edgiest costume I can get that isn't a face character, the Death Trooper.


Here is where I currently stand:


Helmet: 3d Print (Files purchased from Oliver-Patrice Clinch, TX-30021)


Armor: 3d Print (Files from TX-30021)


Weapons: 3d Print (Files from TX-30021)


Soft parts: Not sure yet. Trying to decide between Imperial Boots "Killer" set, Darkside Closet, or just making it myself from the Moodfabrics stuff. Any thoughts on who has the most accurate?


Gloves: Either get it with the "Killer" set or get the Endorfinders gloves. Does anyone have an opinion on which is more accurate?


Shoes: Searching every day for Jereds, but eventually i'll pull the trigger on some Imperial Boots Killers. Not super keen on shelling out the cash for Doc Marten Talibs.


Belt buckle: Phoenix Props



Here is what i'm finding so far:


For the helmet, I tried on a friend's Anovos and it barely fit my head. I had to very uncomfortably squeece my face through the bottom of the eyesocket and overall it was just miserable to take on and off. Totally opposite experience from my Anovos Kylo which has been great. So i'm going to scale Oliver's helmet to my head and finish it myself.


I have a very large 3d printer (500x500x500mm build area) so I can print the helmet and large pieces of armor in one piece. I'm gonna teach myself how to reinforce these 3d prints with fiberglass mat and resin. Any tips would be appreciated, but i'm probably going to end up just diving in.


For the shoes i'm going to get Killers and do as much as I can to lift my height. I am 5'9 naturally and I wear lifts in my Kylo boots to get up to 6'1 ish. Gonna try to do the same if not more with Death Trooper. I know height isn't a deal breaker, but for me I want to do everything I can to look 'correct'.


For weapons, I bought one of those nerf e11ds and i'm going to gut the electronics from it and try to fit it into the 3d printed prop i'm making for fun.


I would very much like to do the DT "Specialist" but I am finding that trying to source those parts is a bit overwhelming. Does anyone have a comprehensive list of the correct pouches and straps needed?


I'll be posting some pics in this thread as things keep progressing. In addition to the reference photos that can be found here and on Facebook, I also have a few high end Death Trooper toys that I am using for reference. I have the Kotobukiya 2 set and i'm buying myself the Hot Toys Death Trooper for Christmas. Any thoughts on how useful these toys are for reference? The Kylo Hot Toys is scary accurate.


Thanks for reading

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Welcome mate.

I will try and answer a few of your questions. The hot toys is a very accurate start. It is what Tom Campbell used to model the files for his armour and his is the crl model. Would def recommend going thro other people's cleared builds for info/inspiration. Toms is an obvious one. There is also a couple of guys who have cleared with 3d printed armour. The one I most recommend is nanotek He has some good info and pics of how he finished and reinforced his printed parts. You can also look at mine, although I am not cleared yet.

Hopefully Oliver can provide u some support in scaling his files to suit you. Is your printer a creality?

I have the endor finders and they are lovely gloves.

For the specialist there is:

Chest rig - an expensive option is a condor barrage rig. Alternatively there is a cheaper version on evike.com but not in black. All will need modding to make accurate. The screen accurate didn't have any clicky plastic buckles I believe. Another alt. Is to make your own. It was chaos who shared plans to do this I think.

Pouches: i got mine from epic militaria

Pauldron: got mine from imperial supply depot


Best advice is to pour through others builds for info/inspiration first.



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Welcome Nathan! You chose wisely by making the Death Trooper. Nick's advice is spot on.


3D printing is a great way to go to get your armor sized to your body's build. Tom and the many others who have done 3D can help you in modifying the files to suit you.


I went with Jim Tripon's complete kit so it included the under suit and specialist parts.


I did make my own chest rig and think it looks pretty damn close to being screen accurate without spending a fortune. I think total cost of materials was less than $50 and it took me about 10-12 man hours to make it. I did post up a pretty detailed DIY thread with patterns and links for parts. If you have minimum sewing skills you can do it or if you know some one who can, you will save yourself some money. The only thing I forgot was to include the grenade holder but I plan on adding that after the holidays. Link for DIY thread: http://forum.501stsp...mo-pouches-wip/


Best of luck on your build, go thru the threads, ask questions, be patient, take your time, and enjoy your build. The Death Trooper, even though we were short lived in the movie series, always attract people's attention at every event.

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The armor is on the printer and I have a plan for the soft parts. Now i'm trying to figure out the belt. Can I find this rubber at a local store? And does anyone happen to have a layout of the dimensions of the various boxes for the belt?

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- Soft parts are done. I got it from DarkSideCloset. Had them fix a few things to make it more accurate.


- The armor is mostly 3d printed. I'm on a diet right now so i'm printing the torso parts last. Arms and legs are done.


- For shoes, I got me some Talibs and also some nice lifted shoes that look very close to accurate when you put the covers on.


- EndorFinders gloves


- Shoulder straps from Paul Prentice and buckles from JJ Industries





To do:


- I need a belt. I'm having trouble finding the exact specs on the belt. The CRL is vague at some points. Anyone know where I can get some really detailed pictures showing each box on the belt? Or should I just buy a completed kit?


- Anyone have any suggestions on the most accurate ammo pouch I can buy? I know it's a MP40 pouch, but I often see links to ammo pouches that have the wrong material or colored stitching. It's black leather with black stitching right? Or is there several variants?


- Same goes with the shoulder pouldron. Anyone have any recommendation on who makes the highest quality pouldron?


- Any suggestions on where to get the D ring that goes under each arm? I want one strong enough to hold the chest rig.


Thanks guys! Having a lot of fun with this build so far. Except for the resin coating and sanding the armor. That isn't fun. :)

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The belt is rubber matting they should be available at any home hardware outlet.

I bought an MP40 pouch from eBay and coloured in the stitching. I also made a pouch myself.

Pauldron I went with Some guy who changed his name a fair bit. I think you can find him under the name Burkbench Designs. His pauldron is the best I have seen so far.

The D ring under each arm should come with the kit and isn't the load bearing ring. The ones that take the weight are connected to the shoulder straps.

Nice progress

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My thread is for the chest ammo pouch. I have seen one for the belt canvas pouches but can find it in the Forums or FB. I'll keep looking.

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Hey guys. Still looking for a pattern for the Canvas pouch. It looks to be pretty much the same as the First Order TK belt pouch. Still looking.


Some updates:


Armor: Print is going slower than I expected. My printer blew up and is currently down, waiting on about $30 of replacement parts to fix it. Sad times. But what I have learned is that PETG is WAY better than PLA for any parts that bend or move at all. And you can sand PETG without having to coat the part in fiberglass resin. Also, I printed my shoulder bell too wide and now I gotta redo it. I'd totally buy an armor kit if I didn't have this perfectly good 3d printer.


I've decided to just pull the trigger on the specialist upgrades and just submit as a specialist. I got the ammo pouch from Delta Leatherworks. It's the closest thing I could find to the hero prop and I think it looks fantastic: http://deltaleatherworks.com/portfolio-item/deathtrooper-mp40-pouch/


Now i'm trying to source a pauldron for not crazy prices. The price variance on pauldron's is all over the place. Trooper Bay is $150. Henry suggested on on Ebay that is only $50 but is sold out. Anyone here have any suggestions? I want this pauldron to be real high quality. I just have trouble knowing if Trooper Bay is worth the extra $75-100 dollars.


Also, chest rig: Are we sure the original chest rig is a modified Condor Barrage? Is there any other options? I purchased these straps for the modification https://www.ebay.ca/itm/181318302479?ul_noapp=true


Thanks guys. Gonna follow this up with some progress pics.

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