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Planning first build

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I'm a bit nervous, but instead of a regular TK, I was hoping to get my own Death Trooper armor. I already started saving up for my first few purchases, but didn't want to jump into it without some direction. Could someone PM me a good armorer for my kit?


Is it better to buy the whole kit at once or in pieces? If pieces, is there anywhere better to start?




Thank you for all of your advice and help. I hope to be a full fledged member of the 501st and Spec Ops Detachment as soon as possible!

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Welcome to Spec Ops Kerry and best of luck with your build. There are a few good kits out there. Check the build threads to see what others used and how they went about getting approved. Choose a kit based upon your build and capabilities. Shop around for your accessories as well, price ranges vary but with a little research you can find accurate pieces at better prices.


If you have any doubts about a source or item post it up here and we can let you know if its suitable.

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Thank you all for your support / help! I've been budgeting to avoid costs getting in the way. There was a fiberglass gel kit that caught my eye. Still have loads more research to go before any final decisions, but I should have a kit on the way around summer time! I'm incredibly excited and hopefully will be a full fledged member by the end of the year!! :D

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