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Boot Question

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For my first kit, I have decided on a Shadow Stormtrooper. My Walt's WTF kit is on order, and I am looking to start putting the rest of my gear together while I wait.


Finding boots for a reasonable price has been a challenge so far, seeing as I wear a size 13E. I think I have finally found a pair that will meet the general CRL and Specialist requirements, but I wanted to make sure before I pulled the trigger. I would greatly appreciate some expert advice on the matter.


The boots in question:




Thank you in advance!

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That will save you the cash you would have spend.


The first thing that jumps out and would def not get your approved...the sides of the ankles. The overall design is correct, but those details on the sides are wrong.


Plus, they are the same price as Imperial Boots. Better to go with the proper source.

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Thanks for the feedback! The elastic gore was the part that had me concerned, so I am glad I asked.


I looked at Imperial Boots, but the sizing on their boots stops at 12 and I wear a 13E.


I saw that TK Boots had the possibility of 13E boots in stock, so I emailed to ask about availability. I mentioned that I planned to dye them black, but was told to just search the internet for black UK chelsea boots.


I guess it's back to the drawing board. Thanks again.

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I think I have this figured out. I went ahead and ordered a pair of white boots of the correct configuration and size from TK Boots. I plan to strip the white finish, dye them black and then spit shine them. Leatherworking has been a hobby for close to 20 years, so it shouldn't be a problem getting a great finished product. The key was finding the boots in a size that would fit me. :D

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