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Process to decide which Inferno Squad Character's were TX and which were TI.

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Good day everyone. So as I was looking thru the novels, and game it occurred to me that the entire squad were considered "special forces" troopers.


I am curious as to how the determination was made to split the squad up between Spec Ops and Jolly Roger? That's kind of like having a Marine work for an Army commander and an Air Force pilot working for a Navy Commander.


I'm not trolling and looking for a debate, just curious as to the process.

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To my knowledge, this was a collaborative decision between Spec Ops and JRS. I'm sure Steve (our DL) will add to this, but it was not an easy decision as each side has a good case and equal opportunity. Keep in mind, that even though a decision was made between the detachments -- the LMO can still override and place the costumes where THEY feel it will best serve the Legion. It's not always an easy process (as with the Shoretrooper), but works out in the end.


I've watched the entire BF2 movies, and agree the characters seem more "special operations-ish". But they are also pilots. And the helmet is pretty much a Tie Pilot helmet -- minus the breathing tubes. Plus, the chest box. But again, it comes down to "what serves the Legion best" and provides each Detachment room to grow. Spec Ops has plenty of costumes and work in progress on new costumes. While, JRS does not.


So...I'm cool with the decision. Hope this helps.

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A little late to the thread, but I believe both Iden and Hask were mentioned to be pilots in the book prior to becoming members of Inferno Squad.


Obviously, Inferno Squad is a Special Operations unit, but both detachments had a claim and I think it worked out amicably for both parties to be happy. Don't want another Shoretrooper situation...

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Honestly, the inclusion in both detachments is a disaster. Then, as the detachment of pathfinders has few suits, why not add the shadow scout and the swamp trooper to patfinders?

The issue is not that each detachment has more or less suits, it is that each suit goes where it goes, and period, there is no more. It says clearly: '' Special operations ''. Although it has a lot of Tie appearance, special operations means special operations. By that rule, Shadow troopers, as they have the appearance of trooper to the troopers detachment, and so with shadow scout and swamp trooper among others.


But of course, you have to have everyone happy.


Then things like the subject of the late CRL of Seyn Marana happen and everyone is happy too, right?


everybody thinks about it, it's a botched

if it were also said that they have nothing to do, it is valid, but the inferno squad is supposed to be Del, Iden and Gideon. Why divide them? Then we say to maintain integrity and be faithful to the canon but this is a botched to '' keep everyone happy ''


And if we add to this that suits that are supposed to be the same, they have subtle differences between the CRLs ... like side extensions, details on the helmet, or materials for level, and even the mandatory or optional chestbox ...



My frustration comes, in addition to the differences between the CRL of suits that a priori must be identical in their common elements, or omitting elements or details that are common. Then we like to brag about being who we are.


The worst comes when an Iden and Gideon suit in which I participated in its assembly, are approved by the JRS recruiter, and a few days later, mine, OPS is rejected due to the color of the compad and the existence of notch in the imperial disk of the ear. The funny thing is that the three helmets come from the same manufacturer and the elements are identical, as well as the paint of the compad.


Due to this, I sincerely believe that both CRLs should be regularized by both detachments, correct these differences and make the recruiters aware of this, unifying criteria. As said notch and color of the compad was "valid" for JRS but not for OPS. If not, we will soon have some similar '' squadrons ''. But not identical.


Due to this, I myself was responsible for correcting the differences in the two suits erroneously approved, although it is not necessary.



The bad thing is that there are elements like helmets that lack detail in certain parts such as lateral oxygenators, or tridents with wrong dimension, which in the opinion of a recruiter are wrong, but for another they are totally valid. ( I speak about some type of helmets that some GML's are aproving)

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