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Armoryshop Helmet

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I've just received the MK3 version (a lot smaller than the larger older one he used to do). Initially it didn't fit my head. I have had to remove the internal padding from it and will be putting in a hardhat liner.


Even then it is quite tight.


Denis at ArmoryShop is doing replacements with bigger helmets if your arrives and doesn't fit

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Anovos /' Armoryshop comparison. Anovos on the left



I think that is either a mk1 or mk2 armoryshop helmet. His mk3 is considerably smaller to more match anovos (5%bigger than anovos I think) but is too small for some.



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I have received the MK3 and I have a rather normal size of head, when measuring circumference. I have a rather tall head measuring from back of head to forehead and that is where it is tight. So you should measure your head "through" your head instead of around it.


So if I have a tall head, should I ask the armoryshop guy if he can do the larger helm or will the mk3 fit fine? 6'3" 260. I am going to have a have with the rest of the armor I know.

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