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Cleaning CA Glue

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Hey all!


Just wondering if there is any specialty on getting CA glue prints and marks off of armor? I'm working on a shadow stormtrooper as my second kit (have a TK as well) and have made a slight mess on the backs of the thighs.


Am I SOL or does a ton or rubbing alcohol work or do I send 400 grit then 1000 grit as I've read and polish with automotive or Novus (not sure which levels, I have two levels of it)?


I have that testors black for the thermal detonator but I'm wondering if that is the only way to get this stuff removed.



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Acetone is the best way, but not good for the plastic. You could try it on the inside of a piece or some spare plastic and see how it reacts, but you can use acetone on the glue and the scrap it off with a putty knife. Might then need to do some sanding and buffing.

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Thanks for the tips, Steve!


I think that I might attempt a 400 (dry) and then 800 (wet) and 1500 (wet) sand and compound/polish with Novus first or as last resort move to a very carefully controlled acetone as I know that the Anovos ABS is probably going to react not so great with it since it is pretty thin. Maybe just get some acetone on the heavier glue spots that isn't directly on the ABS and be careful.


I do have some of that testors black that I'm using for the thermal detonator that I guess I could really "paint over" the bad spots as a even last last resort.

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I had the same problem today. What worked? Was it salvageable?


Tom, the sanding and Novus didn't really do much so I just kind of left it since it was on the back. I had some gloss black testors paint that seemed to kind of hide some of the smaller spots, so I'd recommend that. I'll try and find the paint code for it but I got it at Hobby Lobby.

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I did not because my kit is ABS and acetone melts it, so I didn't want to risk the chance of causing a big mess. I suppose that I could spill a little CA glue on a scrap piece and then use some acetone in a small amount and scrap off in light motions as suggested above. If I get some free time I could experiment that.

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