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YADT - Yet another Death Trooper (from Germany)

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After the Biker scout and the male ANH Tusken, the next big project for 2018 is on its way!


Base Requirements:

Helmet (Jimi): obtained

Undersuit (Jimi): obtained

Armour (Jimi): obtained

Boots (Imperial Boots): obtained

Gloves (Imperial Boots): obtained

Belt (Trooperbay): obtained

Belt Buckle (Phoenixprops): Ordered, pending delivery

Ammo Pouches (Jimi): obtained

Balaclava (local biker shop): obtained

Leather Pouch (Kerry Rowntree): obtained

Leather holster (Kerry Rowntree): obtained


DLT-19X: selfmade by MG-34-mod WIP

E-11D: selfmade by Sterling-mod WIP

SE-14r: unsure, no plans yet

Generic .22 Scope: unsure, no plans yet

Grenades: unsure, no plans yet

HK Ammo boxes: unsure, no plans yet


updated 14.02.2018

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Are there any good tutorials for the assembly of the armor? I've never done a regular TK-armor with all these joints between the armorparts. The scout-armor has elasticbands only.


The paintjob seems to be a pain in the a**, so I guess I'll give the parts to a professional car-painter who already painted a TFO TK armor of one of my fellows from the German Garrison. I am not a hero with the rattle can ;)

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If you check out my build thread on here I have a few pictures of how I put most of the suit together. Snap type and location, as well as clam shelling the shins and forearms.

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Welcome to Spec Ops Steve. If you are still looking for an SE-14R kit, I got my E-11D, SE-14R, and Grenades from Jerry Budde [url="https://www.facebook.com/jerry.budde.92"]https://www.facebook.../jerry.budde.92[/url] his kits are great quality and he is also a little less expensive than most others and he can include the SE-14R scope (additional $10) if you need one.

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Not sure about Europe supplies. I am sure that Jerry can send international, might cost you a little more in shipping. Also when you get your helmet done, take a look at UKSWRATH's (Tony) Death Trooper helmet voice amp and wireless MP3 player. I have the system in mine and love it! I think Tony will ship international as well.

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I used rustoleum professional enamel and have not had any issues with the paint because of the flexibility of the armor. When you're wearing it, at least in my experience it doesn't flex all that much. As long as the surface is prepped properly and paint applied correctly you shouldn't have any issues.

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Hi, a new german DT ?? Great ! I founded a new S&D team only für Death Troopers and we have a little Facebook chat for support the under construction and future Death Trooper. I´ll be happy when you join our support chat and also the "Black Ghosts"

Feel free to contact me


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