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Easystreet's Imperial Trooper/Officer WIP

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Hello all,

I dont have much yet but wanted to start the process with a WIP thread. Below are my current list/vendors I am working on. [color=#00ff00]Green = In hand.[/color][list]
[*]Helmet - Walts
[*]Armor - Walts
[*][color=#00ff00]Goggles - Re-using Airsoft Goggles (will get make/model later)[/color]
[*]Flight Suit - Sebastian John
[*]Patches - Walts
[*][color=#00ff00]Officer Gloves - Trying to reuse my Kylo Ren Gloves for the officer build...[/color]
[*]Trooper Gloves - TBD
[*]Harness - Building my own (ordered 2" OD webbing)
[*][color=#00ff00]Belt - Condor Belt (Delivered!)[/color]
[*][color=#00ff00]Pouches - Condor Pouch[/color]
[*][color=#00ff00]Ammo Pouch - Condor[/color]
[*]Boots - TBD
[*]Hat - TBD
[*][color=#00ff00]E-11 - Own [/color]
[*]Rank Bar - TBD

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Current Questions:


In the CRL for optional configuration the hat does not match the flight suit. While both are OD it is clear the hat is closer to the Staff Officer version of OD.

How important is it to have the hat match the flight suit or is that not important at all? Should the hat match the color of the helmet more so than the flight suit?

I am looking at getting a hat made of Magnoli OD material but worried about the color being right. I like a good hat :)

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A close match would be nice, but there were variations between the color of the hat vs the flight suit the comics so a standard color Officers hat from CosplaySky or Museum Replicas is acceptable.

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