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Mudtrooper CRL placeholder


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Good idea. I'm already looking at the parts for this. Definitely an Imperial Army CRL. Also the guy with the white and red arm band talking to the medical droid is a confirmed medic.



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Here's what I see:


AT-ST Helmet with rangefinder (but no antenna), ear discs, but no rear rod.


Goggles seem to use stormtrooper lenses or at least have that shape


AT-AT Commander/Snowtrooper chest


Imperial belt with rectangular buckle and disc, and metal belt boxes


Black stormtrooper belt worn underneath


Tunic material ends at hip level




Shoulder armor?


Some type of white and red identifying band, like an MP or Medic.


These troops remind me a lot of the Imperial Medic from The Force Unleashed for Wii. Could definitely be medics next to the 2-1B. [edit: beat my post by a second!]


Can you post the source that confirms that guy is a medic?

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Lets be clear: in the picture on the far left is an Imperial Army Officer with his soft cover hat and rank bar visible. The troopers in the helmets are not Imperial Officers. They are also not Storm Troopers as there is a whole other unit in TK armor called the Mimban Stormtrooper. These are definitively Imperial Army Troopers, called Mudtroopers. The Imperial Army had returned to the canon just recently, and now it's on film. This is the moment we've been hoping for.


Here's what I've gathered so far...


Helmet is a mix of AT-ST Driver (R1 variant with no half moon antenna) and Imperial Army Trooper (with no ribbed spine down the back). Make no mistake, this is an Imperial Army helmet.


Googles are as of yet unknown type, but they are most likely WWII RAF pilot goggles. We're working on identifying them for certain.


Body armor is similar to a Snow Trooper but not exactly. It looks more like the Imperial Army Trooper in the WEG RPG (picture)


Primary belt is the regular Imperial belt and belt boxes as seen on the TIE Pilot and other troopers, and as seen on the Army Trooper in the WEG RPG (picture) .


Ammo belt is from the Shore Trooper, but painted green. If you look at my hi-rez picture linked below you'll see the belt boxes clearly. This belt appears on on variant of this trooper. Insider sources confirm there are three variants


At this point the boots, pants, tunic (or jumpsuit) are all unknown, but a source tells me to think of German infantry from WWII.


There is shin armor with grieves shaped like the Shore Trooper. You can see it in the picture I linked below on the trooper facing the camera. You can also see it on the LEGO piece.


There are Death Trooper biceps and Shore Trooper shoulder bell armor in olive green. There is a medic in the picture with white and red bicep armor. This is a confirmed medic from insider sources.


The rain poncho / cloak / cape is present on these trooper and the Mimban Stormtrooper because of the weather on that planet.


Picture with +100 brightness, -30 contrast to see more details is here. It's just too big and hi-def to post here.

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It looks like the guy on the left has two belts and a breathing apparatus around his neck.



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Yes, they all wear respirators because of Mimban's environment. They wear cloaks too - even the Mimban Stormtroopers. The medic has one belt, as does the man looking at the camera with his helmet off. The two belt configuration is a variant of the mudtrooper. I've been told there are three variants.

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Hi all,


if I may jump in here because of wannabe some kind of early bird or better lets say,... changed mind with my next project after I saw the Mudtrooper.

I joined the SpecOps forum a couple of weeks ago since I was planning on a regular Army Trooper when the CRL came out, but well the Mudtrooper is indeed the one I want to go for, its just the right time now, isnt it?


Thanks a lot for this first opening of information and details! I really hope that I could become part of this research phase in order to end up with a most acurate Costume to be seen in the Solo Movie :)


...Ill stay tuned, keep on soaking any bit of information that comes up and keep looking into this thread on a daily basis for now ...


Quick question aside for a Start... are we already sure the googles are from WW2 RAF pilots or is it just an asumption? Had a brief look and I am a bit uncertain in regards to the glass shape (correct me if Iam wrong), though they look wonderful!

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Unless we've got a tweet from a Costume Designer that worked on the film, it's an assumption. That doesn't mean it's wrong though. Just know that like most of the other Imperial Army CRLs, this one has not been approved and the official standard likely will change up until it's approved, so any purchases made now may possibly not be approvable in the future, but it's those early builders that help get the standards approved. We're all looking at what information becomes available and observing what we can.






















For instance, a lot of what we see in this costume matches the Lego minigure labelled "Han Solo (75212)" so my guess is we'll see Han wearing this uniform, and get some really good looks at it...













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Hey :)


I also had the first impression that it will be exactly like your spoiler described it directly when the set was announced ;)


However and about "very" early bird purchases, I totally agree with you. It can be wasted money or it could be a "direct hit between the eyes". Its just that I am soooo much "fire and flame" that I keep looking up the minor bits we have so far, again and again and there I stumbled across the shape of the eye glasses. Could be as well a german one from the same Era worn by Motorcycle Units.


Anyway, I am afraid it will take its time until we get to get more insights, references and confirmed parts. Hoping for the Book next which I pre-ordered and which is to come out here in Germany on May, 28th...

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I am all in for making this happen. Does anyone have good resources for the ammo/magazine pouches?


Also the bicep armor, I noticed in the picture we are determining the shoulder bells are from a death trooper and shore trooper belt boxes. Any idea on the biceps and chest plates?

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from what my guy (a shoretrooper and armor-builder can say)


- shins are both sides the right sided of the shore trooper

- biceps armor from shore trooper

- not visible on the last pics postet, but behind the hoses of the helmet there are also buckles and straps used for the shore trooper as well, same with the collar.

- belt boxes are also from the shore trooper





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Saw the shoretrooper parts right away since I am almost finished building mine. Might have to cannibalize mine to make one of these.



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