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Inferno Squad Seyn Marana CRL Status

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I wasn't quite sure where to post this...


We, the LMO team, made a mistake when it came to the Seyn Marana CRL. I'm here to apologize. I should never have let this CRL be approved because there are not enough reference images. I think everyone, including myself, thought this character was from the game as well as the book. Characters based on text only or do not have the required reference are not allowed.


The costume has been grandfathered in the database. This means that anyone who is already approved remains approved and may troop as Seyn Marana as they please.


If either Toddo and/or I end up being LMO this year we'll work on a better system for detachments to provide reference imagery per the character approval statement on the 501st web site.


My apologies go to Spec Ops, the four members already approved and anyone currently working on the costume.


If you have questions please email lmo@501st.com.


Thank you,



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