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Converting to the darker side.

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Hello all.

Currently TB 99000. Been toying with the idea of converting to General weir.

From what i can tell, the only thing that will be a challenge will be the bandoliers. Everything else i have is usable and just either needs a repaint, a new lens, or in the case of cummerbund and boots, just making new ones. Easy peasy.



Any tips on painting over an SC Scout (ABS) would be great.


Also, any tips on the bandoliers, vendors, etc etc. I'll be looking around the forums to see wha ti can find as well.


Thanks all.



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If you're going shiny (which I believe his references show him shiny) I'd try sealing the paint with future shine. I actually have a bottle you could use. It's a floor sealant, so it's made to take more abuse than the normal clear coat. The paint I used to get my painted parts to match my glossy black ABS on my Nova was Rustoleum Professional.

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Glossy rustoleum professional paint acquired.

I also have the material for a new cummerbund and boots. Hopefully gonna get to those over the next week.


So things left to cover. Tear helmet apart so i can make a visor mount (so i can switch between shadow scout/weir lense)

Need the webbing for the bandoliers and belt.


I bought some 1x3's and i'm going to attempt the bandoliers myself based on one's i've seen woodchuck make and the CRL photos.

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Fun little project. I took pics of peoples bandoliers and spent about two hours holding a ruler up to the computer screen to resize it onto a piece of 1x3, which to me is the right size, as the strapping behind looks like 2".


So here's phase 1


38891114100_7b2035dfdd_h.jpg28871932_10156574197502923_1146735617829240832_o by TJ OBrien, on Flickr

38891114150_c8d8090925_h.jpg28782839_10156574197647923_7934428093349888_o by TJ OBrien, on Flickr

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I'm one step closer to being to the point of no return. My Scout is now torn apart. This afternoon will be prepping the plastic for painting. Then hope to either get some good weather again or try out my new indoor paint box.

40799615992_5c3809c399.jpg29258301_10156594696412923_6339625462678945792_o by TJ OBrien, on Flickr

39032048570_8aaa211ba1.jpg29244784_10156594688357923_6252209258864050176_o by TJ OBrien, on Flickr

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First layer of gloss black is on. I'll probably end up doing 3 and then a couple good coats of clear coat and the stuff izzi recommended.

40947771601_8ecfd4fc55.jpgIMG_20180321_155347 by TJ OBrien, on Flickr

40906084692_2cb072b164.jpgIMG_20180321_185749 by TJ OBrien, on Flickr

26075218077_cb4eaf0a9d.jpgIMG_20180321_185756 by TJ OBrien, on Flickr

39138158200_cb95228f6a.jpgIMG_20180321_185804 by TJ OBrien, on Flickr

39138158210_1e3d757228.jpgIMG_20180321_185807 by TJ OBrien, on Flickr

39138156740_bbe6f06724.jpgIMG_20180321_185815 by TJ OBrien, on Flickr

39138156680_e19d05580e.jpgIMG_20180321_185826 by TJ OBrien, on Flickr

39138156790_c2244a59cf.jpgIMG_20180321_185838 by TJ OBrien, on Flickr

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App sent to GML for approval.


BTW, this is funny. Exactly 5 years ago today was when i submitted my scout to the 501st and was approved. Sooo. let's hope i pass.


39942452130_4426dc95c2.jpg377191_10152120981737923_1217130160_n by TJ OBrien, on Flickr


39942452040_0e821e4d1c.jpgIMG_5911 by TJ OBrien, on Flickr

39942451120_7a257cf7af.jpgIMG_5915 by TJ OBrien, on Flickr

27880690658_ea2d48f635.jpgIMG_5918 by TJ OBrien, on Flickr

39942450490_b552923531.jpgIMG_5921 by TJ OBrien, on Flickr

27880690098_ba82d714b2.jpgIMG_5924 by TJ OBrien, on Flickr

39942449520_6807728c46.jpgIMG_5927 by TJ OBrien, on Flickr

27880689378_940be21974.jpgIMG_5929 by TJ OBrien, on Flickr

39942448730_93d9fec1fd.jpgIMG_5935 by TJ OBrien, on Flickr

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