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My Shadow - WIP -

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So I have recently found out that Anovos instructions says to paint the buttons silver, but 501st details them as gloss black... and of course i didnt see this till after I bought the silver gloss paint ... and painted them ... arg....




also on a side note... i know for Stormtroopers the bottom rivets need to be bronze ? is that the same for a Shadow Trooper ?


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You can use some rubbing alcohol to get that paint off no issue, or mineral spirits. Just don't use anything with acetone in it because it'll melt the ABS. Not sure why Anovos made those instructions to say silver. A guy in our garrison received the fully assembled shadow stormtrooper from them and his was the same way.


Which rivets specifically on the bottom? Since I'm not specialist level on it the only rivets I have that I painted black were the thigh ammo back ones, and they were gloss black painted.

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the rivets on the bottom cod plate and butt plate, i was told that TK needs them bronze instead of silver... was just wondering if there was some crazy color standards for the Shadow ?

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Ahhh okay now I know what you mean. Yeah mine on my cod and lower ab are silver. If you want to go level 2 with specialist then all those rivets and snaps are painted black. For basic approval there isn't much in terms of that.


Here are the specialist requirements: http://forum.specops501st.com/index.php?/topic/1445-blackhole-shadow-stormtrooper-crl-and-specialist-requirements/

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