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Helmet liner question/looking for suggestions

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Hey all-


I'm working on my Shadow Scout, and it came with a completed Altman helmet (thank god, because after I did my TK bucket I swore I'd never build another bucket again). My question relates to the interior limning/padding-


Apparently, I have a small head. I added two layers of the military helmet padding (like this), which worked for my TK (along with electronics for weight for the anti-bobble head effect) and it's kinda snug, but it doesn't always allow the helmet to turn with my head (my head will sometimes slide around and turn inside without the helmet moving). I also can't flip the lid without it sliding forward and wanting to fall completely off my head. Adding the balaclava only made it more slick, exacerbating the problem.


I'm really not a fan of the hard hat helmet liners, as I find them uncomfortable and hot (and they always leave impressions on my forehead), but if that's what might work best I'm willing to give it a try.


What do you all use for helmet liners/padding? Any suggestions for an apparently small head?


I can post pictures later when I get home if deference is needed.


Any and all help is much appreciated! Thank you in advance.

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I personally have a hard hat liner in my helmet. There is still tons of room in it, but at least I don't get over heated.



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building scouts helmets are fun ... working on my fifth rs kit build :)



hardhat liner for my biker and my shadow scout ... the correct liner is also easily adjustable with the turn of a knob!


i glued it straight to the top of the helmet

some like to use a pop rivet system(screen accurate) through the side of the helmet to hold the liner


you can check out striders post on the pathfinder forum for that method but, it sits the same as what i show in the pic just mounted different



here is my settup .. easier to see with a white bucket ;)


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