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Andrew's Death Trooper Build

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This is gonna be a thread were I post updates on my Death Trooper armor progress. WISH ME LUCK!!!!


So here's a little info about myself

My name is Andrew Shinavier i'm 18 years old, I'm currently attending the College For Creative studies in Detroit Michigan in hopes of finding a career in props and costume making in the Film Industry. I've done prop and costume work before that you could check out on my Instagram @ashinavier_props. When I heard about the 501st and how much good they do I immediately wanted to join. Although I have knowledge in the field of props and costumes I wanted to challenge myself and make a death trooper.


I purchased my armor kit from 850 Armor Works. I've got all the armor rough trimmed, I'm going to start sanding edges to fit my body, but here is a (ROUGH) mock up using masking tape. Its nice to have a mannequin to throw stuff on! Also got the boots in the mail today and they look spectacular. Things are moving smoothly so far, my dream is to have it done for Motor City Comic-Con in 2 months. Thoughts?


I plan on sewing the entire under suit myself in the hopes that I can improve my sewing skills. I've modeled the helmet in Maya and plan on printing it within the next few weeks.


I'm gonna post here whenever I think I made a good amount of progress worthy of critique.







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