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lorddavids' Imperial Army officer/trooper

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Hi guys,


I've been waiting for my approval as Imperial Army officer before posting here in order to show my gear and help other people, and now the time has come:

















My gear:

Helmet: ordered from WTF

Hat: made by a girl from Italica Garrison

Rank: made by Gianfilippo Zamboni from Italica Garrison

Boots: from Ukraine

Flight Suit: Vietnam era USMC Mechanic Utility Coveralls from ebay

Gloves: from China

Belt, pouches: italian airsoft websites

Harness: hand made

Commlink: made of idraulic and electric spare parts




Mandarin collar: Mandarin collar is made from unstitching the western collar and re-using the fabric for the new collar. No extra fabric (i.e. from trousers) was used, just black fabric was added inside to make it stable. Velcro was sewed in order not to be visible.







Waiting for the helmet I bought second-hand Scott goggles and blackout film for car glasses




And black gauntlet gloves from amazon:





Thanks for you attention,




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