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Newbie here just starting

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Hi everyone. So I am completely new to this and though I have been considering putting a kit together for some time, I really am not sure where to start. Should I go after the plastic parts first - armor and such? I am a little nervous since I'm not the handiest with tools. Any and all insights appreciated.

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Hey there, David. For the plastic parts I highly recommend joining the "Walt's Trooper Factory" Facebook group and sending Rocky or Walter a PM. They can hook you up with a box of beautiful black plastic. :thumbsup: If you're on the husky side, I think Armor Master does kits in black for those sizes but I am not sure what their contact info is.

Since you're going to be waiting a few weeks for the kit to arrive, you'll have time to read up on how to put one of these kits together. It can be intimidating at first, but there's a good network of support here to get you through it. You should also gather your soft parts (boots, undersuit, neckseal, holster, etc) and tools while you wait.


Good luck and let us know if you need any assistance!

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And find your local garrison/squad/outpost that you are in and get in contact with them. Armor parties are a GREAT resource to learn things and sew how it's done.


Start a build log too, it always helps to have people give input as you're building.

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