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ATA Shadow trooper O2 canister/ Thermal detonator

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I Bought an ATA shadow stormtrooper Kit and noticed( it could be just me) but the caps to the o2 canister on the back looks to be a bit small compared to the standard white TK (i haven't done an actual comparison yet to see if i'm not crazy) . Is this Intentional?


If anybody has an ATA shadow kit what did you use to put the canister together. (i.e what size pipe and/or any modifications needed)

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I want to say the pipe is about 3” but I could be wrong. I can measure my kit when I get home, though mine is an AM armor kit.



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The closets youll get State side is a 2" ID x 2 3/8" OD pipe. If the ends are too small, you can try Hot water dipping them for a few min then attempt to slide them on.

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