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Helmet paint scheme

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Hi everyone,


I'm new to these forums, my name is Christian and I'm from Denmark. I'm a member of the 501st garrison here with my TK. Decided I wanted to take a shot at the big league and build myself a set of DT armor. Looks daunting, and quite a bit more challenging than assembling a set of TK armor, what with the resin and the sanding and all :shok:


I went ahead and started of by ordering a Mk3 DT helmet kit from Armoryshop, and am currently waiting for it to ship. While waiting, I thought I might as well start gathering materials, and am currently trying to find out what paint to use. Thus far, I have bought some gloss black paint and primer from a local shop, and I ordered some Tamiya TS40 black metallic for the helmet highlights, which I plan on using on the armor highlights, when I get that far.


So, my questions are:


1. What color did you guys use for the aerator/nose grill parts of the helmet? In Denis' tutorial, he uses a chainmail silver airbrush paint, but is there a viable alternative for people who don't have an airbrush and compressor? Maybe some sort of gunmetal color?


2. The brow and cheek tubes. Are they Tamiya TS40 as well, or are they more like a matte black? And which matte black would you guys recommend?


Thanks in advance,



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Is there an official paint color list for the helmet? I have a aw cast coming and I am wondering what colors go where. I've seen several different paint schemes, and I was wondering if there is one from one of the screen used helmets or from someone that worked on the film that knows what the actual colors were.

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I did my aerator parts with spray cans before I attached them to my bucket. I weathered them so it was a mix of bright silver, graphite, and flat black (dust coats and dry brush). Don't over think it. The CRL is isn't rigid on how you paint it, so look at your favorite images and do what makes sense to you. I'm working on my 2nd helmet now and may decide to change things up. For the breather tubes, I used plastidip to give them a rubberized look. Looks better than matte black in my opinion. Hope this helps.


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