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I do not so I have to rely on the pics posted... Would be nice to have a holster for the ol' e-11 but if it dosen't fit null sweat.


Currently working on my trooper, and officer variant. Dunno if I'll have the officer ready before the before the CRL shows though.

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As it stands the E-11 is acceptable for Army Trooper but the CRL says nothing about a holster . I don`t believe the Troopers in the comics are wearing holsters . A holster would be acceptable for officer but in the comic the officer wields a SE-14r.

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In the comics the Troopers actually don't carry blaster rifles or sidearms, which is why holsters are not an option. They're strictly building the fortifications and running ammo to the heavy weapons. It's only when the IA is being overrun by the natives that they issue the Troopers E-11s and some man the E-Webs.

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