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Officer cap

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What is a good officers hat? Poked around the Officer boards and got some feelers out but In the interest of covering bases...

I've heard opposing feelings on the Cosplaysky hat, some sources like others say it's not approvalable. I also have a email out

too sewing Jenny but seems to be multiple contact emails addresses... not sure which one to use.

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Wampa wear has a good product. Although they run a tad big. I measure out for a medium but the small fits a lot better.



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I`m assuming your looking for the OD officers cap ? I had searched around and very few people make them in olive. I had mine made by Pilot Bay , it was about $80 including shipping and I absolutely love it . It`s not as rigid as a Wampa Wear cap which is great cause i can fold it and put it in a pocket .

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People send me Wampa wear hats all the time to be fitted, always way too big like Lance said. Good hats though. I make them in any color you want. I'm an OD officer and I'm obsessed with the right OD color. But these hats are fun to make, so I'd make custom ones too.

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You can also reach out to Warren in OLG. I'm not sure of his prices for just the hats - I had him do a full Officer uniform for me - but he does good work. Last I talked to him, he mentioned he had a source for good-quality OD green fabric to make them out of.

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Starkiller GML said... (see below) I grabbed a few refs of IA troopers with hats instead of helmets so I will include

those in the submission photos... Hopefully the hatted IA goes down with relatively little pain,


"I put this inquisition into the DL over at SpecOps. Just waiting to hear back.



Starkiller Garrison GML/GWL


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Seriously confused now...


My GML came to me with this.


"Yeah I messaged the DL over there. This is their response.


Right now my staff and I are working on both updating a lot of our CRLs and trying to get the new ones up and running. There is also a side of Legion this involved. When we update the CRL, it will clearly state what can and cannot be worn for the kit. Please inform your trooper that we are trying to push and rush this, but unfortunately we are only one half of this update. Thank you and if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask."


Which does not answer the question.. Under the current CRL can the hat replace the helmet. I'm getting different answers from everyone and it is seriously confusing me. And tweaking my anxiety.

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I'm not sure if my GML is asking the proper question or what... I think something

got lost in translation. Well I will submit under the current CRL with the hat

and hope there are no complications. With luck I can get this mess straightened

out with my GML.


If the new CRL drops before such time as I am able to submit I will simply

update my build to meet the new specs. The armor and helmet are just

gravy and I would love to use em but I will adapt.

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The current CRL has been updated with plain wording that the helmet may be replaced by the officer cap for approval, Tags.




:thumbsup: Awesome, thankyou


If you can find one in your size, Disney was selling a OD green officer cap . Not sure on availability.


I was gonna hit Pilot Bay next weekend... when I order the rest of my kit.

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