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Need boot help

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well mine is having the same issue about being short...i just attach like a snap/velcro to the shoe inside front there to make it stay under instead of buying a new shoe

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As the proud owner of size 12 feet, and size 12 bass boots I've encountered this before.


What works for me is as follows:

When I put the boots on I wrap the tops with black duct tape - Basically it keeps the top lip of the boot tight against my leg and with the tape being black it all blends in. You may also need to 'tie down" the shin pieces - I use two snaps per boot attached to the shins with strong fabric elastic. Lets the shins move around a bit but the elastic pulls everything back into place when needed. You can make a set of stirrups to go under the heel.


The other challenge with the Bass is the opening of the boot (where you put your foot in) is HUGE compaired to a TK boot.


Having said that between the tape and the 'tie downs" everything works really well. It's tricky getting dressed by yourself but after a bit of practice it's do-able ... But a handler is always easier.


any questions let me know.

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I installed snaps on my boots, one in each corner of the "tounge." The boot has held up nicely, but the snaps inside the shin armor broke in each of the last parades I participated in. So I am still looking for a better solution. Unfortuneatley the AM shins are shaped kinda dumb. If they were more rounded instead of just wide we wouldn't have this problem. Picture a clock: mine are tight at 12 and 6 but way loose at 9 and 3. If they were rounder they would be perfect.

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I sewed some elastic into thetongue of the boot and put some velcro on it and inside the shin. Worked ok, just not sure how it will hold up when I am all suited up and walking around. Thanks for all the suggestions. Glad it wasn't just me having that problem!

I saw the boots from England but wasn't sure if they were taller. Might just order them if the elastic/velcro doesn't work out.

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