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DT WIP from NC

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Ok, I am officially creating a WIP thread for my R1 DT costume. I will update this OP as I get more things ordered/figured out.


Helmet: Anovos DT Specialist Variant with NSM Monitor -> https://www.anovos.c...elmet-accessory


Undersuit: Currently contemplating the Imperial Boots bundle -> https://www.imperial...t/killer-combo/


Gloves: Currently contemplating the Imperial Boots bundle -> https://www.imperial...-shore-trooper/


Boots: Included with the IB bundle -> https://www.imperial...t/killer-boots/


Armor: Still trying to figure out the best route to go on this. Currently leaning towards -> https://www.etsy.com...hop_home_feat_1


Weapons: Haven't gotten this far yet


Specialist Garb: Pauldron -> https://www.etsy.com...r?ref=related-5

Chest rig -> https://www.etsy.com...g?ref=related-1


Voice Mod: Haven't gotten this far...


Helmet Fans: Henry's Helmet Fans -> https://www.etsy.com...=sr_gallery-1-6


Any suggestions would be great!

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Wow. You truly have the courage to become a Deathtrooper. Pre-ordering from Anovos isn`t for the weak....


Well, again, I am focused on my Kylo Ren so by the time I get it completed and get it broke in and get 501st approved, it should be here! :smiley-sw013:

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