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AUS TX Shadow Scout

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Hey Guys and Gals,


I am about to embark on a TX Shadow Scout here in Melbourne, Australia. I have a few different builds on the go, so I am going to start with the soft parts on my TX Shadow Scout first. Fortunately, I can draw patterns and sew, so that will help along the way.


Upon looking at the TX Shadow Scout CRL: https://databank.501...TX_shadow_scout it clearly indicates that the vest is listed under "Optional Accessories"; is this a CRL error? Upon reviewing the CRL on these forums: http://forum.501stsp...t-requirements/ it states that we do have to have a vest. It seems odd to not have a vest and the TB's do.


Any feedback pertaining to this would be awesome.


Thanks guys

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Welcome Fox!


We are doing a tweak of the CRL to align it a tad bit more to the TB. No timeline on it as of yet however as the major reworks of the Imperial Army stuff has priority at the moment.

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