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Hi all. I've recently sent payment for my kit. I'm going with 850 Armor Works for the suit, helmet, and Specialist Chest rig. I'll be using DarkSide Closet for the undersuit (and thank Mike for all of your help so far). I'll probably go with Endor on the gloves and most likely some form of approvable Doc Marten boot. I'll get a friend to print my weapons and grenades. What else will I need to complete the build?


I'm absolutely petrified to start this build. Petrified. I've built a Mandalorian and am a member of the MMCC, but I haven't built something like this before (my Sandtrooper was a pre-made that I bought off a buddy of mine). Nobody in our local garrison has a Deathtrooper either, so most ofy help will be done through this forum and on the Facebook build group.


I'm sure I'm going to have tons of questions, but I'll start off with a pretty basic one. What tools will I need to complete this build? I have a dremel but what else would be required?


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Hey there SIthfaced,

I'm in the same boat that you are!  I have been on the sidelines always wanting to join the 501st.  Now that I have some money, I'm looking to get started as well.

After months of research on here, the 501st forums, white armor (mostly for strapping guidance, the Facebook Armoryshop and deathtrooper build groups.  I have compiled this list that I am going to use ( and might help you as well!).

Going from top to bottom:

Armor vendor  -  I used Armoryshop finished to minimize painting and sanding (this is my weakest skill), you used 850 Armor Works, some slight differences. $600-2300 depending on vendor, material, and finish.

Helmet vendor  -  I used Armoryshop, you used 850 Armor Works, some slight differences.  $300-600 depending on vendor

Under-suit vendor  -  I used Armoryshop, you used dark side closet.  Another option would be Imperial boots "killer" set. $150-300 varies between vendors

boot vendor  -  Jereds are the most ideal, but discontinued.  Dr. Marten Mayer, Talib, or Imperial boots' "Killer" boots.  $60-150 mostly luck on this one.

Gaskets  -  Some are built into undersuits, some builds have them seperate.  If you don't get "Killer" boots, then you'll need boot top gaskets as well.

glove vendor  -  Endorfinders or imperial boots both have excellent versions.  I chose Endor gloves.  $40

Strapping items  -  I actually got a strapping kit from imperial boots, but I'm still not 100% sure on how I'm going to strap it yet, so there may be changes in store for this. Not sure on price yet, depends how much webbing I waste trying to figure it out lol.

Belt kit  -  Not sure is 850 armor works sells a kit for this, but I got mine at Armory shop as well.  It comes with all the components except for the leather belt box and SE-14 Holster (I got these from Delta Leatherworks).  Belt kit $50-100  Leather items additional $80 from Delta.

Weapons (Optional) - obviously you want these, but they are not require for initial approval based on the 501st weapons policy.  There are several good kits for these. Etsy, death trooper Facebook build group are great places to check.  Verify with CRL though.  $100-700  varies wildly depends on how much work you want to do.

Specialist Components:  Since you ordered the specialist chest rig it sounds like you want to go for the specialist.  The chest rig isn't part of the basic death trooper build, so this is only useful if you're going the whole Specialist variant route.

Chest rig  -  you already have.  Armory shop, 850 Armor Works, Anovos, etc  $100-200  depending on source. 

MP40 Leather Shoulder magazine box - There are a few options but Delta had an excellent version.  $40

Grenades:  3d print kits all over online and Etsy, these are relatively inexpensive $30-40

HK Magazines - You can get 3d print versions that are lighter, airsoft versions that are a bit surdier as well $80-150 depending on sources.

Leather Pauldron - Several sources online I got mine from Armoryshop as well  $60-80


That SHOULD be it for now.  Like I said all my stuff is still in the mail, I'm also looking forward to this build!



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