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tk 20509s DT Build

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Hi all. So i've finally taken the plunge and ordered a kit and helmet. I'm not in any rush with it, mainly because of cost lol. So i'm going to take it slow and do it right.


Helmet: Mk3 ArmouryShop (large size for my fat head


Armour: 850 Armour Works basic kit.

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Well the first part has arrived for my build..  Talib boots.  But would'nt you know it, i found some Jereds on Ebay the day after they arrive lol.  Well now i have 2 pairs of boots ?  Jered's should arrive at the start of September.

The 850 armour kit has arrived in the country.  Just waiting to see if it does the dodge and weave past the tax man lol

And after much quite awhile trying to communicate with ArmourWorks i finally got a reply.  Helmet was ordered 0n the 12th of June, was supposed to have shipped on the 25th of July according to Etsy.  I was'nt too worried about the missed shipment date, as various people said they normally take acouple of months to ship.  Just the lack of communication was annoying.  Denis finally contacted me lastnight (NZ Time) and said sorry for the delay.  Seems they are being swamped with orders.  My helmet is in paint atm, and should be shipped within 2 weeks.  Pheww

Anyways thats my update


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Looks like you are making head way. If you are thinking about electronics, I recommend @ukswrath's Death Trooper helmet system. Its completely contained in the helmet. Check out his Facebook and YouTube demos. I also installed Trooper Tronix's three fan system. You can find him on Facebook. Give us a shout if you have any questions. Welcome to the darker side of the Darkside. 

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Started off working on the wrist rockets.  They came broken, so thought i'd start there or I would probably lose pieces.  I have worked on the them since this pic,  So they do look slightly better..



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My ArmouryShop Helmet finally arrived.  I was abit worried that is would not fit my 24in head.  But my worrie's were unfounded in the end.  Its got room to spare on the inside and is far sturdier then my Anovus Tk Helmet.  Though it is quite a bit heavier and its even worse to see out of lol.  I think its got some glue on the lens which needs cleaning off.


Also have cut out most of the armour pieces of my kit, and will start consruction on the weekend.





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Well after abit of work, my armour is pretty much done.  Just waiting or my darkside closet undersuit to arrive.  But havnt started on weapons yet.  Will post pics if I can ?  Once the undersuit arrives here in New Zealand

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