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Aquatic Assault Trooper CRL Proposal

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Aquatic Assault Trooper (Seatrooper) CRL



(All hard armor may be white gloss, semi-gloss, or weathered)

* Chest Plate: Scout style chest plate

* Back Plate: Scout style back without tank. Tank is replaced by the Air tanks described below. No permanent flashing lights or LED's are acceptable anywhere on the costume.

** Air Tanks: Consists of a rectangular box with two air canisters on top. A control pad rests between and slightly overlaps the canisters.

* Shoulder bells: Scout style

* Bicep armor: Scout style. Must have black t-bits.

* Elbow armor: Scout style

* Belt: 2" webbing belt with buckle and 4 utility case combination attached to the front. A thermal detonator is not present. No permanent flashing lights, or colored marking other than black bits are acceptable.

*Cod plate: Should be made to match the detailed West End Game visual references

* Buttplate: Should be made to match the detailed West End Game visual references

* Knee armor: Scout style knee are should be used and be affixed to the top of the greaves

* Shin Armor (greaves): Should be made to match the detailed West End Game visual references



* Modified Scout Helmet : Helmet may be white gloss, semi-gloss, or weathered

* Air tubes: 2 two ribbed hoses that go from each side of the snout to the repective sides of the tank.

* Ears: May be closed off resembling the West End Games reference.

** Dome: May have a raised dome with a "sensor array" resembling the West End Games reference pictures.

*White Biker Scout helmet: Don Post/Rubies Licensed replica acceptable. These additional modifications will also need to be done to this helmet:

** Remove the logo on the back neck

** Repaint bucket if it's not white (unless you go dirty)

** Replace lens

** Slim facemask if it's flared

** Replace bolts on visor/bucket

** Replace aerator



* Undersuit: One or two piece compression style body suit. May be a dive suit, UnderArmour or similar style and material.

* Gloves: tight fitting, non-ornamental gloves that match the material of the body suit.

* Cummerbund: Plain white tight fitting material resembling the armor, without any ribbing or ornamental stiching that covers the abdomen. This is recommended but not required.



* Fins: White fins modified to resemble the visual references. White or black dive boots may be worn instead, but fins must be carried or attached to the shins or belt of the armor.



* E-11/Speargun Hybrid: built to resemble visual references

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