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AM Forearms cut down for smaller troopers

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Hey just checking out if this would work. I need to cut down my wife's forearm outer piece so it will match up with the inner part that I cut so it fits her better. I was thinking of cutting it on that silver line I drew in the picture or if I should just cut it straight across making it even shorter looking. My thought for cutting it this way is to have more coverage across the elbow when her arm is straight. I'm still trying to make it so it would be 501st approved too. Can any one help me out with this?

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I would just measure it out and follow the same lines as the original cut. She may be able to be approved with that, but keeping as close to the source as possible is what we go for as a costuming club. Keep it straight on the sides and then just deepen the "U" on the underside of the forearm if needed.



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Hmmm ... Pandatrooper over on FISD has a great tutorial for the AM kit. I can't find it though. He's not a big guy so he may well have cut down the forearms but I can't find it.


It should be on the FISD in the Assembly or tutorials section.


Easiest way to make the cut is to use masking tape as a guide. Line one edge up with the original edge and go all the way around the forearm. Now you've got a line to follow (the other edge of the masking tape) that replicates the original shape and lines of the piece. And I'd strongly suggest keeping to the original shape as much as possible so as to avoid any potential complications with approval.

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