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Inferno squad Boots from ebay

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Hi there,

I already posted this in the JRS, but the topic inferno squad seems a bit dead there, so I post it here
I have purchased this pair of boots from ebay and wanted to ask, if they would be acceptable for an Inferno Squad costume. They are high Jack boots and pretty old, but still in a fantasic condition. Only the adjustment straps had to be replaced.

Thanks and Regards,


DSCN2290 (2).JPG

DSCN2292 (2).JPG

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Out of curiosity.. Why do the straps have to be replaced?

How tall are they.. I think the crl calls for calf length so they shouldnt be taller then that.Also i think you wouls need to paint or clean the sole to make it black.

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The straps were simply torn apart, because they are so old. For a short person they would be knee high i think. However, I´m 1,94m tall, so they end at my calf, but are definitely not knee high

Yes, the sole in the game was dark grey I think, but I dont know how to dye it ?

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