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Dacamels DT WIP Build

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Hey all!

Linked are some pictures with some issues I have been having.

DT WIP Gallery

So I have just received my Armory Shop Kit.  The vast majority of it looks great.

I may have to sand down the top of the shin in order to properly fit the crested parts on, but other than that no major issues other than the thighs.

So the Armory Shop Thighs come in a single piece.  this is unfortunate for me because my thighs are larger than average for my size, family trait.  Needless to say, When I just tried it on in order to see what adjustments we're needed it snapped, because there were only a couple weak joints holding it together.

I would like to convert it to a clam-shell style design, but the "Ribbed" side plates on the thigh armor do not fit well at all, and do not really lend for increasing the size.

I talked to Andrew McClary of Plastic Arms Dealer and he said that he doesn't yet sell individual thigh pieces, or the rubberized size gaskets for the thigh pieces.

Does anyone know where I can find some sheets that I can use to cut the thighs gaskets to size? 

Thanks for any help!

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