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Undersuit, armor lining and sweating

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My suit is 3D printed and a bit rough on the inside. I have smoothed and sanded it as best I can it however I have been recommended to line the underside to prevent my undersuit being worn away.

I have purchased some thin felt which I'm hoping will not only solve the above issue, but also prevent wear when the armour rubs against itself and hopefully eliminate some of the plastic banging noise.

As we all get sweaty the undersuit can be washed, I'm wondering if the felt may absorb the sweat and smell as well? Kinda hard to wash armour.

Love feedback on this, what do you troopers use?

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Hey Geoff

I didn’t line my armour, I just made sure it was smooth on the inside to prevent wear and tear. Yes there is a lot of sweat, so by not lining it you can simply blast the armour with a hose. 

You will never get rid of the plastic clanking sound unfortunately. I have put some felt in strategic places to help stop wearing out the paint job as quickly.

I think if you add felt to the entire inside of the armour you will end up adding more weight and smell. 

I hope that helps

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^^ concur with Mark^^ I wore my armor a few times and found the points where the edges rub the paint. I then put a small piece of 1/4 inch upholstery felt on the inside of the top  piece to prevent the scratching of the painted surface. 

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Thanks guys for the heads up - uhm now I have already lined the armour with felt. Have done a couple of full kitted test runs and it is quieter with the weight gain being minimal at worst. With that said I am now researching methods of waterproofing the felt to see if that will assist with moisture absorption.

Have been recommended the below: will pick some up this week and test.


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