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Silver Lenses... Any ideas?

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Hey everyone, I'm looking to replace my existing silver lenses in my bucket. I used a silver window tint and wasn't a huge fan of it but used it for approval anyways. A year in I'm looking at upgrading the "comfortability" of the armour so to speak. So, being said anyone recommend a good replacement set? Or where I can find them? I don't trust Amazon as it's a bit of a crapshoot on what you order and what you get sometimes... 

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You may want to try Revzilla (https://www.revzilla.com/helmet-accessories) the motorcycle online store under full face helmet visors. I think if I remember correctly that is what people were doing for those "mirrored" finishes. I believe the guys who are doing the Rangetrooper helmets were using motorcycle visors that were gold with red in it.

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