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MP40 ammo pouch questions

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Greetings everyone.  I have a couple questions for those of you that have went this route.  I am interested in purchasing the twin MP40 ammo pouches for my belt and was wondering two things.  Which looks better and better quality...leather or canvas?  Where are some good sources to purchase these pouches?


Thanks for your time and input.

Jeff (Graysheel) TX-60473

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I have leather ones from Trooperbay which look pretty nice for my heavy weapons trooper. Another HWT in my squad has the canvas ones and it looks just as good. I think it'll all come down to which you like the best. His also has that little extra pouch off his and mine doesn't.

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I have canvas ones (for an in-progress Sandy) from Trooperbay. I also purchased a canvas version from a maker on MEPD.

My friend @ShadowDriver uses canvas ones for his Shadowtrooper and they look good.

It really boil down to preference (or you could check locally to see what troopers in your area typically use if you want to have some uniformity with them) but you can't go wrong either way in my opinion.

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