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New Shadow Scout reporting!

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New recruit here I just received my set of shadow scout armor and am pretty pumped to get started on the piecing together. I still need a helmet though so if anyone has a bucket they would part with please share. I look forward to joining your ranks. As for the edges of the armor are than any 501st specs I should pay attention to? the armor set I received is listed on this thread if anyone is interested http://forum.specops501st.com/index.php?/topic/580-shadow-scout-armor-on-ebay/page__gopid__9358#entry9358

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Howdy and welcome


MCL is also on bikerscout.net and he can set you up with pictures, costs, etc. look in the 'for sale area'. This is not an endorsement just a place where you can track him down... Though in my humble opinion he does really good work.

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So in my search for a helmet I have explored several avenues and this site keeps popping up http://www.starfortressproductions.com/swarmorybikerscout.html what are your thoughts on this helm. I have read some who say its OK ...some who say its sooooo not 501st acceptable...any thoughts? guide me obi wan

Stay away from Star Fortress, period. I'm not going to get into the reasons, they're too numerous to not derail this thread.



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No one is pulling black ABS scout buckets right now, which sucks, which is why I put mine on hold for now. I think your armor is Atin, if you were wondering.


MLC does a great fiberglass bucket, and as was said, he can be found on bikerscout.net. You can have him paint it, or you can paint it yourself. Anything else, you're pretty much going to be painting yourself. Remember, you can also join over there for any scout related questions, as the armor is the same, just a different color.

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Hey everyone I thought I would throw an update with some pics of my progress so far https://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=119132&id=1434857404&l=84c7243e97 I still need a flightsuit, finish the belt, cummerbun, the detonator assembly and attachment and boots. I found some biker typish boots on sale this week and was curious to see if those are accepted and does anyone have reference pics for specifics on the boots. Helmet is a don post/rubies it is not my end bucket but I got a very good deal on it until I get something better. It fits extremely tight atm but for all specifics works.

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