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Novatrooper from Mexico


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Oh no! What part are you having trouble with? You most likely will need a setting tool and some scrap ABS to mount the snaps to, along with the nylon or strapping you choose.

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Yeah as @IcyTrooper said you can mount the snaps to scrap ABS and then glue them in, or alternatively you can mount them to some webbing and glue the webbing in. This worked well with my Death Trooper, you just need to make sure that you rough up the area you are gluing them to with some sandpaper.

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That gold does look awesome.

The snaps are simple enough to make.

I've glued the male snaps to scrap ABS & then glued the ABS to the inside of the armour. I added the female snaps to either webbing or elastic so the armour pieces held together nicely on me. 

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