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I have a quick question.   I am a fully approved Shadow Trooper but one thing I dont like about the build, and I am being picky, is my knee gap.  I am between 6'2 and 6'3 and weight about 185 lbs.  I have an ATA kit that I love but just don't like the gap.  Does anybody have any suggestions to reduce this gap?  Do any other armor makers offer longer shins and thighs?  I would even buy some TK parts and have them painted. If they were longer.


Any ideas / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Jeff

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You may be able to swap to ammo pouches to hide any gap on the upper parts of the thighs and lower the thighs a bit as well. I'm not sure you'd have much of ability of raising the shins unless you Velcro'd them to the boots so that they sit a little higher. I'm 6' 2" so I understand where you are coming from, except I just left the gap.

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