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EVO Trooper FA-3 Flechette Launcher Build

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Well after all these years, finally getting to build the last and final piece for my EVO Trooper, the FA-3 Flechette Launcher. Been a long time coming, and very happy to finally get a start on it. I remodeled the weapon about a year and a half ago and prepped it for 3D printing. Then I never did anything with it....


After fighting my printer this past two weeks, it's finally running consistently again. So now that all of my Jumptrooper parts are printed (save for some small detail parts), it's time to start printing this launcher! This is the large muzzle cylinder, the two biggest prints for the weapon.


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More part printing fun! This is the swiss cheese shroud for the muzzle as well as the smaller detail pieces. Now on to the main body of the blaster!


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And here it is with all of the parts printed out! Honestly didn't take as long as I thought. Also got the barrels cut and did a quick test fit with the 3D printed parts. Need to remodel and reprint a few parts (the parts that are set inside the PVC pipe). Somehow got the diameter wrong... Eh no big deal, they're small parts. Very cool to finally see it come to life after all these years. :D



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Thanks man! Yeah, unfortunately still pretty far from the finish line. Still have to glue everything, then lots of sanding, then lots of spot putty, more sanding, and on and on. Then primer, paint and lots of details that have to be added. Nonetheless, still happy to finally have the correct blaster for my EVO Trooper. :D

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